Zhongshan Xingtai Clothing Co., Ltd. Will Solve Your Business Challenges.

Work content:
Zhongshan Xingtai clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional sweater manufacturer with more than 20 years of industry experience. It specializes in helping customers design and produce various sweaters, hats, scarves, and designs more than 2,000 new styles of sweaters every season. The annual output exceeds more than 1 million pieces! We provide OEM service and accept custom orders. We will provide customers with the best products with diversified designs and professional services. The crafts we can make include: jacquard, printing, crochet, intarsia, tie-dye and more!

Our company covers an area of 5,800 square meters, has more than 20 advanced production lines, and has more than 600 quality control personnel, including 60 senior technicians. Our company has passed BSCI certification, and each production line is equipped with highly automated production facilities, with an annual output More than 1 million pieces.

Quality Control:
We have a complete quality inspection process to ensure that every piece of clothing from customers can be made according to customer requirements, and improve products that meet customer requirements to each customer.

Our factories are continuously monitored and formally audited by BSCI at least twice a year. In order to maintain the highest possible standards, we require compliance with our Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Commitment To A Sustainabele Futuer

Our corporate policies, factory remediation efforts, and product manufacturing processes are all guided by a commitment to minimize environmental impact and maximize sustainability. That commitment manifests itself through efforts to minimize water, energy, and materials wastage for every product we make.

social feedback
Our approach to philanthropy is rooted in a spirit of gratitude. We recognize that each of us is the beneficiary of incredible good fortune.
At our factory, we want every one of our employees to think about their own good fortune and act in return. For us, reciprocity requires more than charitable giving. It calls for action in the practice of gratitude, taking swift and decisive steps to help those in need.