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How to choose the suitable material for a sweater-Written by Sweater Factory

1. Merino wool

Advantage:Needle path is clear, the shirt surface is smooth and clean,
the fat is light, the color is bright,
the feel is full and elastic .
Disadvantages :wool is often friction will pilling, poor heat resistance.
Washing Tips: reminds the wool sweater fiber is more fragile,
so can hand wash as far as possible without machine washing or dry cleaning.

2. Cashmere
Cashmere as the raw material knitted clothing,
according to the proportion of raw materials can be divided into
pure cashmere and cashmere blended two kinds.
Advantage: feel soft, smooth, glossy,
warmth retention property good, wear comfortable.
Disadvantages :may be the ball, the price is high, and poor strength.
Washing Tips: Dry clean can also be washed by hand,
as far as possible don't use the washing machine to wash,
to avoid friction force caused by deformation, the ball.

3. Wool blend
Cashmere, polyester, spandex, rabbit hair and other fibers mixed with wool fabric.
Advantages: Soft wool, good elasticity, strong heat insulation.
Disadvantages: easy felting, pilling, heat resistance, etc.
Thermal insulation. Shrinkage is easy to shrink.
Pilling is easy to pilling.

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